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Laser line pipe

Tube fiber laser cutting machine GS-TG

Italian MK technology team took 11 months effort to develop, most of the key components imported from Italy, to create intelligent, nearly “zero” tailing, large diameter, high-speed professional cutting equipment, comparable to the Italian high-level brands.

  • Front chuck moved left and right flexible, achieve nearly zero tail cutting
  • The high-end brand cutting head, wide-angle swing groove cutting
  • Automatic loading system, easy operation
  • High-end CNC operating system from Italy (optional), (optional ) five-axis linkage precision cutting
  • Professional cutting control software, programming automation and nesting function, high compatibility
  • Original imported high-end reducer and servo motor, smooth operation, low noise, reliable performance
  • Italian imported from front and back chuck, precision for loading and clamping
Technical Parameters
Laser Power (W)500-4000 (optional)500-4000 (optional)500-4000 (optional)
Working Area (MM)ⱷ20-ⱷ120, tube length 6000ⱷ20-ⱷ220, tube length 6000ⱷ20-ⱷ320, tube length 6000
Total Power Consumption (KW)12<3012<3012<30
Dimensions (MM)8000*1500*17008000*1500*17008000*1500*1700
Weight (T)