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Laser cutting of sheet metal

High Level Fiber Laser Cutting Machine NAVSTAR series

Glorystar laser cooperate with Italy R&D team, accumulated 30 years of experience in laser application, make efforts to develop an intelligent, efficient, safe and environmental friendly high level quality fiber laser cutting machine – NAVSTAR, which is the innovation of laser machine.

  • European standard Configuration but with openness
  • Supporting Artificial intelligent (AL) products
  • Automatic dust collecting system, more environmentally friendly
  • Low operating cost, optical parts maintenance-free
  • Ether CAT BUS control, accurate and efficient
  • Fully enclosed protection, high safety for operation
  • Equipped high-power laser generation for high-quality cutting
  • Adopt the third-generation CNC system, numbers of own R&D plug-in NC programs
  • TPM motor, deceleration integrated high-end configuration, high response speed, to ensure processing efficiency
  • High-pressure servo proportional valve switch automatically for oxygen, nitrogen and air, integrated, safe and efficient
Technical Parameters
Laser Power (W)4000-15000 (optional)4000-15000 (optional)4000-15000 (optional)4000-15000 (optional)
Working Area (MM)4000*20006000*20006000*25008000*2500
Total Power Consumption (KW)45<8045<8045<8045<80
Dimensions (MM)11600*3600*210016000*3600*225016000*4100*225018500*4100*2250
Weigt (T)20222325

Euro style fiber laser cutting machine GA-CE

Glorystar laser and Italy MK, ESA strategic cooperation, in strict accordance with TUV, CE, UL standard design, carefully build the most advanced fiber laser technology, CNC technology, precision machinery technology in one of the European market customized laser cutting machine.

  • BUS control, rapid response, precise control
  • Fast cutting speed, high cutting edge quality, low operating cost
  • Optimized dust collecting system, efficient and environmentally friendly
  • Automatic exchange platform, intelligent efficient and convenient
  • Integrated design cabinet, optimized layout, space-saving
  • Imported CNC operating system, high-end BUS servo motor, stable and efficient
  • Security doors as a standard for all series, meet with international electrical safety standards
  • Cutting area monitoring camera as a standard for all series, real-time monitoring
  • Air pressure detection&alarm and chiller&laser generation alarm as a standard for all series
  • Safe control and reliability
  • Oxygen and Nitrogen automatic switched by high-pressure proportional valve as a standard for all series, the machine overall device with strong integration
Technical Parameters
Laser Power (W)2000-6000 (optional)2000-6000 (optional)2000-6000 (optional)
Working Area (MM)3000*15004000*2000/ 4000*25006000*2000/ 6000*2500
Total Power Consumption (KW)25<8025<8025<80
Dimensions (MM)8800*3000*200011000*3900*200015100*4000*2000
Weight (T)1014T/1520T/22